Functional Hardware Verification


Unit 1 - Introduction to Hardware Verification
Understanding the need for verification and language basics

Unit 2 - Verification Concepts
Testing vs. verification; automation and the verification environment

Unit 3 - Basic Verification Environment (Iteration 1)
Simple environment to drive initial traffic into a device

Unit 4 - Functional Coverage
Understanding how thoroughly a system is verified

Unit 5 - Adaptable Verification Environment (Iteration 2)
Enable reuse and flexibility to build an industrial-strength environment

Unit 6 - Data Checking and Scoreboards
How to effectively verify data paths

Unit 7 - Universal Verification Methodology (Iteration 3)
Improving efficiency through standardization

Unit 8 - Debugging
Determining the cause of a bug

Unit 9 - Environment Control and Synchronization
Coordinating components operation in the environment

Unit 10 - Conclusion
What you have learned, next steps, exam