4月に行われたISCUG 2012の資料が公開されています。

Coffee Breakではなく、Tea Breakというのはお国柄なのでしょうか?
    ・Opening Remarks: ISCUG Introduction & Roadmap
        Umesh Sisodia, CircuitSutra Technologies

    ・ISA Talk: ESDM Industry in India
    Mr. PVG Menon, President, India Semiconductor Association

  ・Accellera Systems Initiative Update
    Dennis Brophy, Vice Chair, Accellera Systems Initiative

  ・Keynote Speech: Time for Parallel SystemC
    Tor Jeremiassen, Simulation and Modeling CTO, Texas Instruments

  ・SOC virtual prototyping: An Approach towards a Fast System-On-Chip solution.
    Mamta Chalana (ST Microelectronics)

  ・Design and Implementation Techniques for improving simulation speed
   of SystemC models.
    Praveen Kumar Kondugari, Aravinda Thimmapuram (Intel)

  ・Benefit of adopting SystemC in TI SoC verification process.
    Nizamudheen Ahmed (Texas Instruments)

  ・Complex MultiCore Virtual Platform Enablement Using TLM 2.0 
   to co-simulate Diverse Simulation Models in a MT env.
    Rajesh Jain, Sandeep Jain, Navaneet Kumar (Freescale)

  ・OCP TLM Kit practical implementation of TLM2.0.
    Prashant Karandikar (OCP-IP)

  ・TLM Convenience Socket.
    Parvinder Pal Singh, Girish Verma (CircuitSutra)

  ・System Solutions to address today's system challenges 
   with a deep dive on USB 2.0 EHCI TLM development using Cadence VSP Tools.
    Praveen Wadikar (Cadence)

  ・Designing, Verifying and Building an Advanced L2 Cache Sub-System using SystemC.
    Dave Apte (Forte Design Systems), Thomas D. Tessier (Paneve)

  ・SystemC: Indian Industry Usage
    Kaleshwar Vemuri (Kasura Technologies)

   ・UML based Validation for Transaction-level Models.
    Vaibhav Jain, Anshul Kumar (IIT, Delhi)

  ・Getting Started with SystemC UVM
    Puneet Goel (Coverify)

  ・Introducing UVM  Connect
    Dennis Brophy, Mentor Graphics