Intel SPMD Program Compiler v1.9.0

IntelのSPMD Program Compiler (ispc)のv1.9.0がリリースされています。

LLVM 3.8ベースのバイナリがダウンロード可能です。

=== v1.9.0 === (12 Feb 2016)

An ISPC release with AVX512 (KNL flavor) support and a number of bug fixes,
based on fresh LLVM 3.8 backend.

For AVX512 two modes are supported - generic and native. For instructions on how
to use them, please refer to the wiki. Going forward we assume that native mode
is the primary way to get AVX512 support and that generic mode will be deprecated.
If you observe significantly better performance in generic mode, please report
it via github issues.

Starting this release we are shipping two versions on Windows:
(1) for VS2013 and earlier releases
(2) for VS2015 and newer releases
The reason for doing this is the redesigned C run-time library in VS.
An implementation of "print" ISPC standard library function relies on C runtime
library, which has changed. If you are not using "print" function in your code,
you are safe to use either version.

A new options was introduced to improve debugging: --no-omit-frame-pointer.