ModelSim 6.6bリリース

ModelSim 6.6bがリリースされました。リリースノートによると、以下引用

    Added an extension to SystemVerilog DPI 
    to support automatic DPI import tasks and functions. 
    The automatic lifetime qualifier can be added 
    to a DPI import declaration in order to specify 
    that the DPI import task or function can be reentrant.

        dpi_function_proto ::= function [ lifetime ] data_type_or_void 
                                                     function_identifier ( [ tf_port_list ] )
        dpi_task_prototype ::= task [ lifetime ] task_identifier ( [ tf_port_list ] )
        lifetime ::= static | automatic

    The following are a couple of examples:

        import DPI-C cfoo = task automatic foo(input int p1);
        import DPI-C context function automatic int foo (input int p1);